With a mixing of engineering, design and art, we develop solutions to your artistic project, business or personal needs.

Web Development

We design and build your web pages or applications. Front end and back end support.

Software Development

From graphic editing software to data base connectivity, we help you optimize your daily tasks by developing specific solutions.

Mobile Applications

Giving back the control to your hand is our priority. Mobile apps that integrates with your other platforms.

Digital Art creation

By using sensors and artistic knowledge, we build digital art projects as completes olutions to specific requirements.

Electronic design

We design and build electronic solutions to let sensors and actuators became part of your project.


With a scientific approach, we study and develop new ways of interacting with sound and human sensations.


Our world is interconnected and we know it. Our multiplatform vision gives us the possibility to happily integrate applications running in your server or any electronic device. 

Web Development

We develop solutions according to our clients’ requirements. Giving the access to a front end editing tool is a priority while developing. In this three web pages our clients have been upgrading their own content periodically giving their pages a new image:

Shoulder Surgeon

IT Consulting


Software and Mobile Applications development

We develop dedicated software and mobile applications to solve your problems and improve your productivity. Image editing, sound processing, sensors and data bases management are some of the areas we like to explore while developing, you give us your need and we make the solution. 


Omnitrack is a gesture to signal application. Omnitrack senses your body movement to track every gesture and send it to a computer software that will eventually control your MAO or artistic project. With Omnitrack you can modulate and edit your midi devices in real time without the need of buttons or configurations. You can use Omnitrack to change effects in real time performances. Omnitrack is being offered free to everyone, feel free to test, share and give feedback.

Omnitrack is free to use and share, please download all the files from this link and install the software depending on your OS. Omnitrack is only availiable on Android devices, even though the software can be runned in every computer.

Omnitrack Android APP

Omnitrack MAC

Omnitrack Windows (32-64 bits)

Omnitrack Linux (32-64 bits)

Digital Art Projects

SynthiWorld is a Digital-Art project which consists in a digital world that controls a synth in Pure Data and a Set Live in Ableton Live. Its made as a project to the University of Marne-la-Vallé and it uses the Kinect sensor, accelerometer sensors and softwares like Unity3d and AbletonLive. Enjoy it! 

Orchest-Man is a gestural and graphical interface to create music in real time.Using your body movements, you can interact and get into the world of real time synthesis.You can download de files here and you will need a Kinect V2 to make it work.Thanks to Prof. Januibe Tejera et Prof. Martin Laliberté, Thanks to Jonathan Noé for his collaboration with the Miniwoog synth.